Landscape contractors know, efficiency means greater profit. DuraPro delivers 10% greater cubiccapacity than the competition. That means bigger loads in a single trip–higher production rates, lessfuel costs. That’s money in the bank. Add in DuraPro’s standard 26.5” deck height and loadingequipment has never been easier! The competition’s optional drop axles will cost you an extra $1000, where DuraPro delivers 26.5” deck height convenience the day you pick it up!


Work fast, haul more–that’s the life of a roofing contractor. DuraPro’s greater cubic capacity means fewer job interruptions throughout the workday to dump waste. And when it is time to dump, DuraPro’s 50-degree dump angle and 15,000 lb Champion scissor lift, insures a safe, efficient dump, without the dangerous need for manual extraction, often experienced with the competition’s dump trailers.


There are no off-seasons in the trades. Work calls, even in the dead of winter, when temperatures dip below zero and roads are covered in snow and salt. DuraPro’s powder coating delivers twice the thickness, protecting your investment from the elements. But elements aren’t the only threat. Heavy, abrasive loads of stone, rock, cement, and construction scraps that pose a challenge to the competition are just another day’s work for DuraPro.

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