Intelligent Design: it seems like a straightforward statement rooted in common sense. How else would you design something, if not intelligently? But Cynergi3 has taken the concept a step further. A LARGE step further.

Here, intelligent design starts with the user, not the product. Focus on the end user and build the product around their greatest needs and priorities. Taking a “hands-on, open-ears approach,” Cynergi3 has developed its own proprietary process which prioritizes systems and features, using three key methods:



We observe end users, across multiple industries, within a natural job site setting. We note consistent trends in their work process and identify where it could be made more efficient, less physically taxing on the workforce, and how their equipment could provide greater impact to their job site experience.

Then, we observe these same users as they inspect and use early product prototypes. What features do they gravitate towards? How quickly do they understand and use the feature? Which features are used more than another? From these observations, a user matrix begins to form.



Early interaction with product prototypes quickly tells the story. By allowing users to get their hands directly on the early product prototypes, our engineers quickly identify key features the user gravitates towards. Do doors open wide enough or open in the manner needed? Are bed heights sufficient for easy loading and unloading? Does the quality of material hold up to the specific job site environment? This list of information collected through user interaction is extensive. The answers help add context and clarity to the user matrix developed through the iD3 process.



Each user’s needs can vary significantly. Isolating and prioritizing the pain-points in each user’s everyday needs, plays a vital role in the iD3 process. Through listening sessions with end users, we flesh-out the features and attributes of the product that are of the highest priority. The listening sessions provide the third and final piece to the user matrix, from which we build a superior product entirely focused on the needs of the customer – YOU.

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